Universal laser Bridge device for embroidery machineS

Some advantages on using laser devices applied to embroidery machines

button5.gif (1007 byte)   Maximum quality of applique cutting with great time saving. button5.gif (1007 byte)   You can engrave tissues at a very high speed.
button5.gif (1007 byte)   Much higher speed and precision in cutting, than with traditional methods. button5.gif (1007 byte)   You can produce new embroideries and new effects, as "velvet stitch", floating applique, engravings and much more.
button5.gif (1007 byte)   You can cut the applique at a precise distance from the running stitch (or any other stitch function) so that to get a precise border. button5.gif (1007 byte)   When cutting synthetic fabrics, laser welds fibers, avoiding any eventual fraying.

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