Universal laser Bridge device for embroidery machineS

1st example

In order to better explain all the advantages of the laser, we will now show you some simple examples of embroidery. These are made with a four head embroidery machine using GMI Laser II.

This embroidery has 2190 stitches and 3 colours. GMI Laser needs 1.6 seconds per head to execute the first cut (1) while the cutting of the leaves is executed in 1.4 seconds per head (2). The first part of petals is cut in 1.7 seconds per head (4) and the second part in 2.1 seconds(3). When cutting it is also necessary to calculate the shift of the laser carriage from head to head; the complete movement on a four head machine takes about 12 seconds. Furthermore, cosidering the total time used to cut the grass(1) applique is 1.6" per head plus 12" for the complete shift of the carriage, the whole process is calculated in 18.4 seconds. By this time the laser had already cut the applique and the operator had removed the cutaway. When the laser has cut under the first head, it moves on to the next one and the operator can easily remove the cutaways from under the first head, repeating it to the last one.

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