Universal laser Bridge device for embroidery machineS

2nd example


The embroidery on the left  has 2350 stitches and one single colour. GMI Laser II takes 1.3 secs per head to cut the first applique (fig. 1), while the cut, the engraving and the GMI letters on the lighter coloured leather are done in 6.3 seconds per head (fig. 2,3,5).
When the laser has engraved n. 3, the operator lays down a piece of leather (4
) between the cuts of applique 2. 
The machine then completes the embroidery by fixing the applique 4. The shift of the laser carriage from head to head takes about 12 seconds. In order to cut the whole applique of lighter leather we have to calculate 6.3" per head plus 12", for a total of 37.2 seconds.

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