Universal laser Bridge device for embroidery machineS

4th example


Embroidery executed by laser.

In this example the stripes of the zebra are created by engraving the microfibre application by laser. In the same way the laser has cut the application obtaining a precise work.

No of stitches: 3454 - Dimension: 10.6 x 11 cm.

Animal engraving time: 10 seconds
Animal cutting time: 2.9 seconds
Embroidery execution time: 6 minutes

Total executing time: 6.20 minutes


Embroidery executed by traditional method.

In this case the application cutting has been executed during the machine work. The stripes of the zebra are embroidered.

No of stitches: 8750 - Dimension: 10.6 x 11 cm.

Embroidery execution time: 18 minutes



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