Samples performed with GMI Laser II

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calzat-6.jpg (83196 byte)
Special stitches, engraving and visible cut
Dim.: cm 19,2x27,7
Stitch n.: 3481

For laser users only.

fettuccia-1.jpg (59933 byte)

Tape effect of different shapes and engraving with overlapping effect
Dim.: cm 10,4x8,6
Stitch n.: 961

calzatura4-300.jpg (54208 byte)
040 - Tape effect of different 
shapes and sequins effect

Dim.: cm 19,1x18
Stitch n.: 1852

calzat-1.jpg (51381 byte)

calzat-4.jpg (60113 byte)

calza-5.jpg (70894 byte)

calzat-3.jpg (53247 byte)
Arabesque with sequins of different shapes 
Dim.: cm 19,1x18    -    Stitch n.: 3050


barra5.gif (912 byte)

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